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Fireball teaserLike most gamers we love old books and scrolls and such. That’s why our new Real Scrolls line — now available at DriveThruRPG — was so much fun to create. We worked with calligrapher Kathy Barker to make printable handouts that give players the sense of really holding a scroll with a spell on it. And in addition to bring decorative, they have all the info needed about the spell, compatible with Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

You can get Real Scrolls for:

(Yes, we know there’s a typo on Fireball — it says “magnus” instead of “magus.” It shouldn’t cause the spell to blow you and your allies up.) Scribe’s error now corrected!

Let us know what you think!



  1. And yes, typo will be fixed shortly through a Photoshop spell. The difficulty of fixing hand-lettered scrolls.


    May 7, 2014

  2. Error fixed on the DriveThru version!

    Still not seeing the Fireball PDF up on the Paizo site (sad wizard face).

    Kobold Press

    May 7, 2014

  3. Cool! I’d love to see more spells… or maybe different spells with non-english/faux magic runes (so they can be any spell the DM wants)!


    May 7, 2014

  4. There’s a set of Deep Magic magical glyphs and runes available, but they are sort of like wizard marks and warding runes, rather than a body of text. Take a look on DriveThru and you’ll see them as “Deep Magic: Glyphs, Seals and Wizard Marks”. However, I like the non-english scroll idea, to turn into ANY spell.

    There are also 3 other Deep Magic scroll spells done in different styles, Battleward by Ed Greenwood, Fire Under the Tongue by Stephen Radney-MacFarland and Dan Voyce, and Gear Barrage by yours truly.

    So… We’ve made a start. If people like them and buy them, we’ll certainly do more.


    May 8, 2014

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