Kobold Quarterly #18 Now Available

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Kobold Quarterly #18 Cover (c) Open Design LLCKobold Quarterly issue #18, our big pre-Gen Con Summer issue, is out! It’s like a kobold beach party ice chest, but instead of being packed with gnome jerky, KQ #18 has savants, cavaliers, beast masters, and dragon hunters for Pathfinder RPG; Divine Gifts for the AGE System by Green Ronin designer Steve Kenson; a minotaur ecology for 4th Edition D&D; and three new adventures!

Characters powered with divine magic are common in fantasy RPGs. Rather than treat them as a divine magic-using class, Steve Kenson introduces the Divine Gift talent for the AGE System. Characters with a Divine Gift can belong to any class, and their gifts are defined by areas of divine influence such as Law, Chaos, Protection, Nature and Fate. Yes, you can finally play an official cleric in the AGE gamers!

Tim and Eileen Connors bring us “The Exorcist” for Pathfinder RPG, where a desperate plan to raise legendary heroes from the dead doesn’t go quite right. “Silus and the Red Dogs” is a modern update of the choose-your-own adventure books, with a fun solo adventure for a halfling thief suitable and simple rules. Finally, the excellent “Who Watches the Watch Fires?” is a 4th Edition D&D race against time to alert a sleeping city that reavers are on the way!

Kobold Quarterly #18 is available now in print and PDF. More features, columns, and articles after the jump:

  • New and variant characters: savants, cavaliers, dragon hunters and beast masters for Pathfinder RPG by Ryan Costello, Jr., Mike Welham, Adam Daigle, Marc Radle and Adam W. Roy

  • Ecology of the Minotaur by Tracy Hurley for 4th Edition D&D
  • Siege weaponry by Matt James for 4th Edition D&D
  • Synergistic magic by Phillip Larwood for Pathfinder RPG
  • 10 reasons why your characters should be in jail by Russell Jones
  • Heroic flaws by Philippe-Antoine Menard
  • Feats and auras for dragon lairs by David Schwartz, for Pathfinder RPG and 4th Edition D&D
  • Creating great mysteries in RPGs by Paul Baalham
  • Soul brokers by Anthony W. Eichenlaub for 4th Edition D&D
  • Monte Cook on explaining the inexplicable, and
  • Skip Williams’ regular Ask the Kobold column for Pathfinder RPG

Pick up the 100-page mega-issue of Kobold Quarterly #18 in print or in PDF, and we’ll hope to see you at Gen Con in just a few weeks!


  1. Now that is a spectacular cover. Really looking forward to getting my hands on the physical copy after flicking through my digital version.

    Jon Roberts

    July 18, 2011

  2. Kieran Yanner is also the artist responsible for the cover of issue #16, the winter mermaid.

    Yeah, he rocks.


    July 18, 2011

  3. He does, indeed!

    Chris Harris

    July 18, 2011

  4. “The Smell of Phlogiston” has me intrigued. This a Spelljammer reference?

    Brian R. James

    July 18, 2011

  5. I knew we were being kind of obscure with that one, but the reference is older than Spelljammer. Older even than the AD&D Monster Manual where I think I first encountered the term.

    Phlogiston Theory of Fire


    July 18, 2011

  6. I just to chime in to say how awesome the Gifts of the Divine article is for AGE players everywhere. Fills in a huge gap when using the game outside of the world of Thedas (or even in it), and does so without the baggage of adding a fourth class.

    Just really, really well done.

    I also loved the choose your own adventure. Not only did it bring back awesome memories of my days flipping through dog-eared copies of the Endless Quest series of books, it utilized possibly the greatest race/class combo of fantasy literature: The Halfling Thief. Let’s see more of those in the future.


    July 18, 2011

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