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Players Guide to the Crossroads Now Available

Players Guide the the CrossroadsShadow Magic and Clockwork Kings! The Crossroads region is the heart of Midgard. Here’s where you’ll find the alleys of Zobeck, the mighty dwarven cantons, the dark pathways of the Margreve forest, the undead principalities, and the subterranean empire of the ghouls. The Players Guide to the Crossroads has new options for those who seek adventure and fortune in this exciting realm!

This 36-page collection of materials provides players with an overview of the central  region of the Midgard Campaign Setting, plus a wide range of new powers and options for any Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign, including:

  • 3 New PC races: Kobolds, ghoulish Darakhul, and Gearforged
  • The Shadowsworn Class: a 20-level class of roguery and shadow magic, with 7 new spells!
  • Dark Holidays of the Crossroads
  • New options for Cavaliers, Paladins, and Rogues, including Griffon Knights, Fixers, and White Lions
  • Ghoulish and Vampiric Sorcerer Bloodlines
  • Clockwork and Illumination Schools of Magic
  • 60 new feats and dozen of regional traits
  • 8 new weapons for dwarves, gypsies, and rogues, including the rat poniard and Nordmansch greatax

Master the secrets of the Crossroads region and unleash its new spells, feats, and mysteries!

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Roachling Background for the AGE System

Roachling(Illustration by Blanca Martinez de Rituerto)

Skittish but hardy survivors within and beneath civilization’s centers of urban decay.

Chad and Josh collaborated on a roachling background that would allow players to play a roachling in their home AGE system game. Josh worked on the mechanics, and Chad helped with the storytelling portions of the background. Take a look to see how this particular creature works for the AGE system by peering beyond the jump. Additionally, you can revisit the 4th Edition Roachling blog entry by Chad Middleton.

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Half-Ogre PC Race


Welcome to 4th Edition week here at KQ.com. All this week will feature wonderful material designed for 4th Edition (while still being inspirational for any edition).


Door? BOOM! What door?

Born from the union of a human and an ogre, the half-ogre is a wretched unwanted creature hated by its parent races. Those born of human mothers frequently suffer the wrath of a community that hates it for its mother’s demise, for few human mothers survive the birth. Those born of an ogre mother bear instead the scorn of their tribe, for the young half-ogre cannot help but be the weakest of its peers…

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4E Kobolds and the Tome Show

Jeff Grubb wrote up a version of the Zobeck kobold for use as a 4E PC race over on his Grubb Street site.

Technically, Zobeck is a setting for 3E D&D, but I’m happy to see fan material for it in any edition. This one is especially nice because he really gets the urban kobold spin, and he has first-hand knowledge of how kobolds fit into the Zobeck setting. Go take a look, and let me know what you think.

Also, the Tome Show has posted another installment in their discussion of Blood of the Gorgon. I haven’t gotten to listen to it yet, but will check it out later today. I think this one includes a segment with one or more patrons. If you like it, please let me know in the forums. If you hate it, please tell the kind folks over at the Tome Show.

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