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Hand of Drought and Famine

Cesar Tort provides a picture of the infamous “Wall face” appearance, purportedly paranormal but probably made by human hands, of the famous House of the Faces in Spain.From her obex beneath the rotting corpse of the First Titan, a goddess known as Mother Pestilence rules over an endless dust bowl that once was an azure sea teeming with fish the size of carriages. For centuries, the civilizations along the edge of her wasteland have offered Mother Pestilence tribute–the surplus of their harvest–as a show of humility before the ever-present threat of scarcity, disease, and hunger.

Every few decades, a society decides to buck superstition and turn its back on Mother Pestilence. Instead of humbling themselves and rendering unto her an offering, they choose to gorge on their surplus, flaunting the efficacy of their sprawling cage farms and intricately dug irrigation canals. These societies often do not last, as Mother Pestilence sends her daughters, the hands of drought and famine, to remind them of how precious game, livestock, and water truly are. Within weeks, these impious outposts are reduced to a cluster of abandoned temples, empty bazaars, toppled monuments, and piles of the cannibalized dead.

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Dragonleaf Tree for 13th Age

For various reasons, some monsters from the Midgard Campaign Setting didn’t make it into the Midgard Bestiary: 13th Age Compatible Edition. One of these was the deadly dragonleaf tree, cultivated in the Mharoti Empire. Here are five of these exotic enemies to spring on your unsuspecting players, complete with nastier specials and magic items. 

Dragonleaf Tree

Dragonleaf Tree

Standard dragonleaf tree abilities: All dragonleaf trees have the following 2 abilities:

Rooted:  A dragonleaf tree is immobile in combat, but can shift position slowly when out of combat.

Long-limbed:  As a quick action, the dragonleaf tree can engage a nearby enemy and cannot be intercepted.

Breath attacks: Each dragonleaf tree has its own style of breath attack that mimics the breath weapon of its associated dragon.  Unlike most close attacks that target a number of enemies, it doesn’t matter whether or not the targets are in a group: a dragonleaf tree’s breath weapon emanates from the entire tree.

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Midgard Bestiary: 13th Age Edition Now Available

Midgard Bestiary 13th Age cover“The Midgard Bestiary combines Kobold Press’s dedication to quality and originality with Ash Laws’ enthusiastic and accomplished take on the 13th Age to serve you a gallimaufry of ghouls and golems.” – Simon Rogers, 13th Age publisher

Make your icon rolls—and hope for sixes! The Midgard Bestiary: 13th Age Compatible Edition brings 100 weird, warped and unpredictable new monsters to the fight. Designer ASH LAW (of Tales of the 13th Age organized play fame) has redesigned the greatest monsters from Kobold Quarterly magazine and Open Design’s award-winning adventures and sourcebooks for use in your 13th Age game — along with:

  • Adventure hooks for each monster and lists of things you’re likely to find on them
  • 9 new player character races including darakhul, gearforged, kobolds and ravenfolk
  • All-new Midgard icons by Wade Rockett (Tales of the Old Margreve)

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Monsters of Sin Now Available

MOSC_CoverAvarice, gluttony, and wrath. The seven sins dangerous enough to be called deadly are now collected under one set of covers, with all errata and some expanded text to make these Sin Monsters as complete and dangerous as they can be.
The Monsters of Sin Collection includes

  • 21 new monsters thematically tied to one of the seven deadly sins,
  • 7 templates to bring that sin out in monsters and NPCs,
  • complete notes on using sin in any fantasy world,
  • 7 Embodiments of Sin to challenge the greatest heroes!

The Monsters of Sin Collection is suitable for multiple levels of play and can be used in any existing setting and campaign, or it can be combined to create a campaign of Sin. Go beyond ordinary monsters, and challenge your champions with threats to mind, body, and spirit!
Available now from Kobold Press!

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Midgard Bestiary for 4th edition D&D Now Available

Midgard Bestiary 4th Edition D&DIn the passage ahead you see a golem made of eyes, holding a screaming psychic derro fetus in a cage. Roll for initiative!

As we draw near to the big release of the Midgard Campaign Setting worldbook, we’ve hit the bestiary trifecta: our latest product brings the wonder and terror (mostly terror) of Midgard to 4th Edition D&D. Midgard Bestiary: 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Edition by Richard Green and Brian Liberge is out today!

The book features over 150 monsters to challenge player characters in your game, whether set in Midgard or your home campaign world. Each entry includes useful background information to help you use the creatures and give you a glimpse into the rich and storied world of Midgard – and it’s introduced by 4e lead designer Rob Heinsoo, whose essay offers a system for Dungeon Masters to turn monster content into something players can use while creating characters. The creatures included cover all levels from 1 through 33, allowing you to use this Bestiary throughout your entire campaign.

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