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Midgard RPG Miniatures: Q&A With Mick Leach

Midgard Mini - Grisal DwarfThe Midgard RPG Miniatures Kickstarter is in its final week! Having raised more than $15,000 Eastern Front Studios will be producing astounding new miniatures based on the Midgard Campaign Setting, including the Grisal Dwarf, Raven Mage, Mharoti Emissary and many more. We invite you to back the campaign and get your hands on these cool minis.

Running a Kickstarter in its final days is busy work, but Eastern Front’s Mick Leach tore himself away from Kicktraq for a few minutes to give us an interview.

Q: How did Eastern Front find themselves collaborating with the Kobold King on a new line of cool miniatures for the Midgard Campaign Setting? Did you take a wrong turn down a fey road, or was it a more mundane partnership?

A: Some time ago in 2010, Wolfgang and I talked about the idea of doing miniatures. So it has been a long time coming, and the advent of Kickstarter gave this project a huge helping hand.

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Fistful of Lead: Gelatinous Cubed

gelatinous cube miniRecently, I was bidding on an iconic monster mini on eBay when I came up with a homebrew alternative:


  • Knox gelatin
  • Cooking oil spray
  • Square mold
  • Victim miniature


Coat the inside of the mold lightly with cooking oil spray. This will aid in the extraction of the Monster later on. Add the gelatin to very hot water and mix thoroughly until the gelatin is completely dissolved. Insert the victim miniature and chill in the fridge for at least 3 hours. When it has set, gently shake out of the mold and clean the vegetable oil off with a paper towel…

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Fistful of Lead: All the Monsters on a Budget

toy soldiersSome gamers prefer to play using miniatures, but cost can be prohibitive. Not even hardcore collectors have every miniature they need. Including multiples, it’s easy to buy 800 miniatures at a cost of thousands of dollars and still not own the exact minis for every occasion.

There is, however, a way to own almost every miniature you’ll need for several years of play, and all for a modest outlay of around $100. Your players will thank you…

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