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Last Call for Dark Deeds: The Origin of Freeport

Dark Deeds in FreeportDark Deeds in Freeport patronage project is waiting for you!


Wolf asked me to talk a little bit about the origin of Freeport, so let’s go on a journey back to 2000. Early in that year, I had decided to start a new company, and I was in the process of putting together the first release, Ork: The Roleplaying Game. I was working at WotC at the time, which is how I got to know Wolf. There was a lot of talk on the roleplaying side of the company about the proposed Open Game License and d20 STL. I remember being in a meeting in which adventures were discussed. Some folks at WotC were hoping that third party publishers would release a lot of adventures since WotC itself had trouble doing them profitably. And I thought, “I bet I could sell a module for 3E and make a profit.”

I planned then to write an adventure and release it at GenCon 2000, the same day the Player’s Handbook for 3rd Edition D&D was coming out. The question was, what kind of adventure? I knew that WotC was taking a “back to the dungeon” approach, so I wanted to offer something a little different. I was probably over-thinking it because D&D players don’t seem all that prone to tiring of dungeons, but in any case, that’s how I decided to make it a city adventure. This, of course, necessitated creating a city…

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Dark Deeds and Deep Secrets

Dark Deeds in FreeportWelcome to the Dark Deeds in Freeport patronage project!

Dark Deeds in Freeport is a tale of truths and lies—and especially truth’s power, be it cleansing or destructive. Secrets take on lives of their own, and the truth will come out!

Usually, players uncover those secrets, but sometimes it’s just as much fun for their characters to have mysteries of their own. This could as simple as a hidden agenda to an entire dark family history, of fathers and grandfathers dabbling in forbidden lore.

These new character traits help players build these secrets into a PC’s background while providing mechanical bite—and fun consequences when they are finally revealed! Because these traits can have negative consequences, they are somewhat more powerful than normal traits. Players should flesh out the details of their own secret in consultation with the GM. At the GM’s option, pre-existing characters can add one of these Dark Deeds traits that fits them, or they can swap out an existing trait, especially if a traumatic event brings their secret to mind…

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The Shipping News: Swagfest!

Welcome to the Dark Deeds in Freeport patronage project!

Swagfest begins tomorrow!

Excitement is running high for this year’s Swagfest. After a decade filled with war and fell deeds, normalcy has returned. Bribery, corruption, hidden agendas, shady deals… Freeport is once more herself. All can enjoy this year’s Swagfest secure in the knowledge that silver skulls and gold lords are there for the taking by those with the nimblest fingers or quickest knives.

The Harbor Report

The Unrepentant docked last night. Typically laden with enough booty to make the Sea Lord herself green with envy, dockworkers confirm this voyage was no exception. The Bloodsalter savages the Unrepentant calls its crew spirited the cargo away from the docks under the cover of midnight mist. Its destination remains just as much a mystery as the origin of Captain Sarangay—the minotaur captain and owner of the Unrepentant—who seems to have sailed fully formed from the sea. Each haul he brings in is bigger and more valuable than the last…

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Dark Deeds in Freeport Launches Today!

Dark Deeds in FreeportHaul anchor, patrons—we’re setting sail for Green Ronin’s Freeport!

You heard aright, ye scurvy dogs: two of the most infamous outlaws to sail the seas of the RPG world have signed articles and are setting out on a joint venture of danger and glory! Open Design is launching a new adventure design project for Green Ronin’s pirate campaign setting Freeport: The City of Adventure. Entitled Dark Deeds in Freeport, the 72-page book will be an official Freeport product licensed from Green Ronin, compatible with Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Patron slots for the project are available at the Kobold Store starting at $24.95 for Basic-Level Patronage…

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