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Available Now: Player’s Guide to the Rothenian Plains

Ride Hard and Loot Everything!

Player's Guide to the Rothenian PlainsIn Midgard’s Rothenian Plain, the dangers are everywhere: slavers, demonic warlock, raiding centaur bands, bandits and more . But on the open grasslands, it is easy to make a life of banditry and adventure as well, for a fresh start is just over the horizon.

The centaur shamans, human horsemen, and elvish archers of the Plains are all justly famous for their skill and daring. Join their ranks with new archetypes, all-new gear, marvelous spells, and more than 100 new options for Pathfinder RPG!

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Six Feats for Maximizing Scrolls and Potions

Edmund Garrett -- King Arthur (1901)
In “Magical Trinkets,” I explored how to use the Pathfinder magic item creation rules to create non-consumable rewards suitable for low-level characters, but what about consumable items? Magic potions and scrolls are staples of gaming and fantasy lore. And for all the tricks to reduce the value of a permanent magic item, a potion or scroll still comes in at a far lower cost.

The problem with potions and scrolls is not their gold cost, but the difficulties of using them in combat when it counts. The rules provide that retrieving a stored item is a move action that provokes attacks of opportunity. Drinking a potion or reading a scroll is a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity. With these rules, the cost in both time and potential reprisals is very high—drinking a potion of cure light wounds is rarely going to be worth essentially an entire turn and further damage. Scrolls are slightly less dangerous to use in combat because they allow a concentration check to cast defensively just as a spell does. That said, there remains the issue of retrieving the scroll.

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Players Guide to the Crossroads Now Available

Players Guide the the CrossroadsShadow Magic and Clockwork Kings! The Crossroads region is the heart of Midgard. Here’s where you’ll find the alleys of Zobeck, the mighty dwarven cantons, the dark pathways of the Margreve forest, the undead principalities, and the subterranean empire of the ghouls. The Players Guide to the Crossroads has new options for those who seek adventure and fortune in this exciting realm!

This 36-page collection of materials provides players with an overview of the central  region of the Midgard Campaign Setting, plus a wide range of new powers and options for any Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign, including:

  • 3 New PC races: Kobolds, ghoulish Darakhul, and Gearforged
  • The Shadowsworn Class: a 20-level class of roguery and shadow magic, with 7 new spells!
  • Dark Holidays of the Crossroads
  • New options for Cavaliers, Paladins, and Rogues, including Griffon Knights, Fixers, and White Lions
  • Ghoulish and Vampiric Sorcerer Bloodlines
  • Clockwork and Illumination Schools of Magic
  • 60 new feats and dozen of regional traits
  • 8 new weapons for dwarves, gypsies, and rogues, including the rat poniard and Nordmansch greatax

Master the secrets of the Crossroads region and unleash its new spells, feats, and mysteries!

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Way of the Werewolf: Feats for Your Lycanthrope

Werewolf featsKobold Quarterly #19 (which is still available if you want a copy!) presented an all new racial theme, which allowed PCs to take on the role of a legendary werewolf. The theme gives you a range of optional powers to choose from throughout the heroic tier. For those who want to focus more on a character’s lycanthropic ways, Brian provides these feats to you so that you can have options that help your characters benefit from their cursed blood through all levels of play.

Blood Scent
The trail of blood leads into the marketplace. Tracks are of no value here, but scent will sort out this lot.

Heroic Tier
Prerequisite: Werewolf theme
Benefit: You gain a +2 racial bonus to Perception checks used to track and to Insight checks used to detect enemies hidden by disguise, illusion, or stealth. If the creatures is bloodied, this bonus increases to +5.

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Familiar Roles: Practical Ideas for Animal Familiars (Part 2 of 2)

Rudolf Wacker, Puppenkopfchen (1937)The empathic connection between a master and familiar has a way of shaping the behavior of both…



Lennox pleaded with the grey-bearded man in the park. “C’mon… I know you know the old woman in the swamp outside the city. You told a nobleman she could raise animals from the dead. Now please, help me broker a deal.”

Shevats replied instead, “Well, there’s also this pet cemetery I know of… you know, the soil of a man’s heart is made of stone and…”

“Never mind that idea. I’ve heard of that place and, uh … sometimes dead is better…”

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