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Theurge Class – 13th Age Compatible

TheurgeThe theurge is one of the most popular classes in our New Paths Compendium for Pathfinder RPG.  Now, Ryven Cedrylle offers this distinctive class for your 13th Age roleplaying game…


Wizards cast spells. Clerics utter prayers. Sorcerers draw on their magical bloodlines and druids draw on the power of nature. You do none of these things, or perhaps all of them. For you, magic is simply magic, regardless of from whence it arises.  You are not bound by the precepts of the arcane or the divine. You do as you see fit, limited only by your ability to channel the energy you desire through your very being. Others call you “theurge” for your ability to call upon divine magic without the sponsors of the gods. Perhaps you do in fact have a relationship to a deity that assists you in your work. On the other hand, you might be your own god.

Play style: With its free-wheeling style of combat magic, the theurge is designed for new or experienced players who want to take on the role of a spellcaster without the complexities of preparing a spellbook or suite of prayers. Players who enjoy making lots of choices or exploring a class’ potential for hidden gems may find the theurge a bit underwhelming. Theurge characters model fictional characters such as Gandalf the White or Albus Dumbledore.

Ability Scores: As a theurge, your magic might come from rigorous study, powerful faith or channeling magical energy in a brute-force fashion. Add +2 to your Intelligence, Wisdom or Constitution so long as you haven’t added to that score with your racial bonus. Whichever stat you choose is the one you will use for attack and damage with your MAGIC attacks (see below).

Races: Many dwarves prefer the path of the theurge to that of the wizard, because they don’t have to rely on elven traditions and rituals to accomplish similar feats, and it fits well with their strong religious culture. Gnomes enjoy the rebelliousness of accessing one type of magic via another type and blending them. Humans stand astride various traditions, making the theurge a natural fit. Half-elves and half-orcs, already neither one race nor another, relate to the bridging nature of the theurge’s craft.

Backgrounds: Disgraced Research Wizard, Saw Through The Temple’s Lies, Bearer of the Forbidden Tomes, Chosen of Dasha, Eclectic Education

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Dragonleaf Tree for 13th Age

For various reasons, some monsters from the Midgard Campaign Setting didn’t make it into the Midgard Bestiary: 13th Age Compatible Edition. One of these was the deadly dragonleaf tree, cultivated in the Mharoti Empire. Here are five of these exotic enemies to spring on your unsuspecting players, complete with nastier specials and magic items. 

Dragonleaf Tree

Dragonleaf Tree

Standard dragonleaf tree abilities: All dragonleaf trees have the following 2 abilities:

Rooted:  A dragonleaf tree is immobile in combat, but can shift position slowly when out of combat.

Long-limbed:  As a quick action, the dragonleaf tree can engage a nearby enemy and cannot be intercepted.

Breath attacks: Each dragonleaf tree has its own style of breath attack that mimics the breath weapon of its associated dragon.  Unlike most close attacks that target a number of enemies, it doesn’t matter whether or not the targets are in a group: a dragonleaf tree’s breath weapon emanates from the entire tree.

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A Pathfinder/3.5 Player’s Guide to 13th Age by Jonathan Tweet

Midgard Bestiary 13th Age coverKobold Press has recently released a version of the Midgard Bestiary that is compatible with 13th Age, the new d20-style RPG by Rob Heinsoo and me. Wolf Baur and I go back 20 years, and he asked me to explain a little about 13th Age to his audience of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and 3.5 players.

As the lead designer on D&D 3E, I’m heartened to see people still playing a version of the game system that my team and I developed. I’m especially grateful to my old friend Lisa Stevens and Paizo for Pathfinder, which breathed new life into the system when Wizards of the Coast switched to 4E. I can’t help but be proud and humbled by how well the system has stood up all these years.

So then, why did Rob and I design 13th Age? Because we share a vision of how the well-loved d20-rolling system could work faster and with more emphasis on your character’s story. In light of the 13th-Age-compatible Midgard Bestiary, here’s what you might like to know about the system.

In some ways it represents a continuation of the work I did on 3rd Ed, emphasizing the classic tropes of D&D while streamlining and rationalizing the rules system. In other ways, 13th Age brings a new approach to the system, with more storytelling and customization.

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Midgard Bestiary: 13th Age Edition Now Available

Midgard Bestiary 13th Age cover“The Midgard Bestiary combines Kobold Press’s dedication to quality and originality with Ash Laws’ enthusiastic and accomplished take on the 13th Age to serve you a gallimaufry of ghouls and golems.” – Simon Rogers, 13th Age publisher

Make your icon rolls—and hope for sixes! The Midgard Bestiary: 13th Age Compatible Edition brings 100 weird, warped and unpredictable new monsters to the fight. Designer ASH LAW (of Tales of the 13th Age organized play fame) has redesigned the greatest monsters from Kobold Quarterly magazine and Open Design’s award-winning adventures and sourcebooks for use in your 13th Age game — along with:

  • Adventure hooks for each monster and lists of things you’re likely to find on them
  • 9 new player character races including darakhul, gearforged, kobolds and ravenfolk
  • All-new Midgard icons by Wade Rockett (Tales of the Old Margreve)

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