Advanced Races 4: Dragonkin now Available

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Advanced Races 4: DragonkinAdvanced Races 4: Dragonkin gives you everything you need to play a descendant of the greatest and most terrible monsters in fantasy roleplaying. Use it in the Midgard Campaign Setting or in the setting of your choice.

Compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, this 14-page book by designer Amanda Hamon includes:

  • The dragonkin PC race, and the draconic Mharoti Empire
  • 8 new alternate racial traits, and 7 new dragonkin feats
  • 5 new archetypes including Edjet Warrior, Dragonkin Elementalist and World Serpent’s Chosen
  • New spells and new armor and weapon abilities
  • Fiery art by Rick Hershey, Guido Kuip and Aaron Riley
  • And much more!

Advanced Races 4: Dragonkin is available at DriveThruRPG (with Paizo coming soon.) Take up your weapon and show the “hairy ones” what courage really is! Join the ranks of the dragonkin, and remember—one day, the world will be yours!


  1. Just purchased this today and wow!! The stuff in here is very cool. It has definitely sparked the imagination. Thank you very much Amanda and all the other minions.

    Gary Allen Green

    October 23, 2013

  2. You are welcome, Gary! I’m so glad to hear that you like the supplement. It was a ton of fun to write for these guys and explore the range of roles suited to them, which I think is pretty vast.

    Oh, and if you’re inclined, we always love to see reviews at Paizo or DriveThruRPG. 😀

    Amanda Hamon

    October 25, 2013

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