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Collection of Curiosities: The Boiling Pot

Rise Turkeys, Rise!As many of us consider tomorrow’s feast here in the United States, it might also be fun to consider what you might find in that pot that’s boiling in the kitchen of whatever edifice the adventurers are within. You can roll randomly for a result below, or use the handy number provided with each entry to figure out your result on a d12. You can also pick the one that works for the area in which your characters currently linger.

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Building a Better Nemesis

Holmes and Moriarty struggle at the Reichenbach Falls; drawing by Sidney Paget“Wits and swords are as straws against the wisdom of the Darkness…”

—Robert E. Howard, “The Phoenix on the Sword”

When it comes to roleplaying games (as with any engaging drama), conflict is king. An adventurer is nothing without the mountain impeding his path. And since the earliest days of D&D, the eponymous dungeons have been populated by creatures more foul than fair. From the lowliest dretch to the most legendary dragon, RPG enemies often derive their motivations from their ecologies. These ecologies are essentially the sandboxes our heroes are caught playing in from quest to quest. But things can get really interesting when intelligent adversaries enter the fray and endure throughout the ongoing narrative of your game.

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Kobold HQ Closed Nov 25th-30th: December Sale Coming!

Merry Krampus - Artist: Steven AustinThe kobold warrens will be closed from Tuesday, November 25th, through Sunday, November 30th. No signs of life will be seen: no shipments of books, shirts, patches, scraps of cloth, rusty gears or dead gnomes will travel in or out of its depths. Inquiries shouted through the keyhole about orders already placed will be answered, though possibly after some delay.

Why? Well, there’s the Thankskobold holidays, of course. But also because we’re readying a massive Krampus sale which will go live December 1st! You’ll find savings on some older products, some favorite Pathfinder RPG items, a very short but special D&D sale item, as well as a brand new surprise 13th Age release that we’ve been working on in secret. Details are coming! Later!

We hope that you all enjoy much frivolity and feasting in the days to come!

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Book Review: Reign of Stars by Tim Pratt

Reign of StarsAlaeron is a killer—or at least he was. He’s not your normal stone-cold killer type, but more the “I caused the death of a very powerful captain of the Technic League in the mysterious and treacherous land of Numeria” kind of killer. But that was a long time ago and in a land far, far away. Sure, he lives his life in fear. So what if the league sends assassins after him every so often? Who cares if they want back the gizmos, gadgets, and magic items he spirited away when he fled the country? These days, Alaeron is living a semi-secluded life as an alchemist. All was sort of normal until a semi-incorporeal messenger was sent from his former master whom he thought dead. She asks Alaeron to return to Numeria to do some work for her and possibly clear his name in the process. The chance of not being hounded by assassins and his over-developed sense of curiosity leads Alaeron to accept the invitation. Accompanied by his only friend, the street savvy thief Skiver, he heads off to a land full of wonder that has fallen from the stars: a land ruled harshly by evil arcanists and a mad barbarian king know as the sovereign. Will Alaeron find the peace he is looking for or will his curiosity kill him and his only friend? This novel is tied to the Pathfinder Iron Gods Adventure Path.

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