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Advanced Races Shadow Fey Now Available

Slip Through the Shadows!

Shadow Fey Cover

Refined and ruthless, the shadow fey are masters of the Plane of Shadows, and that dark land’s code governs their magic, their plots, and their clearly superior view of things. Best never to cross them, for their memories are centuries long.

With powerful shadow magic, a peculiar mastery of time and distance, and obscure codes for dueling and courtship, the shadow fey are maddeningly difficult for others to confront, let alone defeat. But among themselves, they are a friendly crew, and those they consider friends find them strangely loyal and fiercely protective of their sworn companions.

Advanced Races: Shadow Fey gives you everything you need to play a shadow fey adventurer. This 19-page sourcebook by Carlos and Holly Ovalle includes:

  • the origins and mysteries of the shadow fey, as well as details of their peculiar style, courts, and fashions—insofar as humans can understand such things!
  • 5 new shadow fey racial traits: including Deadly Smile and Shadow Affinity, plus 3 half-elf racial traits including Shadow Fey Blood
  • 11 new feats including Commend, Condescend, Court Noble, Disparage, Fey Birthright, Shadow Walker, and Stealth in Motion
  • 4 class expansions: A new cavalier Order of the Swan, as well as a Shadow Fey bloodline, new rogue advanced talents, and 3 new Shadowsworn shadow talents
  • 2 new archetypes: the Dread Hunter and the Twilight Envoy
  • The eala arrows, 2 new magic items and 5 spells of the shadow fey
  • 3 new monsters: the eala, the dread horse, and the stryx
  • And much more!

Hone your dueling blade, prepare a cutting quip, and make your enemies rue they day they met you. You are a dashing scion of the Shadow Courts, and no one stands your equal!

Pick up Advanced Races: Shadow Fey today, and define your own path of ruthless superiority in your next game!

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Deep Magic for 13th Age Preview: Duel

Deep Magic 13th Age coverI’m busy editing the manuscript for Deep Magic: 13th Age Compatible Edition by ASH LAW, now available to pre-order. There’s so much cool stuff in here that I can’t wait to share with you. So I wont!

Here’s a sneak preview from the book: a conversion of the duel cantrip.


You create an illusory combat terrain for magical duels, lasting 1 hour or until you end the effect. Duelists go through all the motions of casting spells, and experience the effects of those spells, as if they were real. The dueling casters can cast any spells they know, and normal casting requirements apply. However, no spells are actually cast and no true damage is done.

The caster of duel decides whether the terrain and spell effects are visible to non-duelists. Any duelist who drops to 0 hit points or less falls prone and is helpless until an opponent helps them to their feet, or the spell ends. All illusory damage to the fallen duelist is healed and all conditions are removed. When the duel is finished the combat terrain vanishes, and all illusory damage and conditions end for all duelists.

The winner is the duelist (or team of duelists) who meets the victory conditions set when the spell was cast. Common victory conditions include scoring the first hit, scoring three hits, “killing” all enemy duelists, capturing an object or reaching a goal marker. If any duelist draws a real weapon, uses a magic item that does not benefit spell casting, or uses any ability or attack that causes real damage; or if any non-participant interferes with the duel; the duel spell immediately ends.

At the champion tier you can add special effects to make the duel more exciting for onlookers. For example, duelists could “die” in spectacular ways, a disembodied voice could provide a play-by-play commentary on the action, and music could play at appropriate moments. You can also create illusory jesters, jugglers, clowns, announcers and heralds. Whether this causes trouble with the local entertainers’ guild is up to the GM.

At the epic tier you can conjure a lavish pavilion or tent from which an audience can watch the duel, with refreshments served by magical sprites. Whether this causes trouble with the guilds for culinary workers, seamstresses and laborers, as well as any organized crime syndicates who have an investment in the financial success of such guilds, is up to the GM.

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Lost Magic: Recitation of Lineage

Lost Magic LogoThe following spell from our Lost Magic contest entries could add a bit of color to your caster.

Take a peek, and provide any feedback you want regarding story elements and mechanical elements in the comments below!

Recitation of Lineage

School enchantment (compulsion) [language-dependent, mind-affecting]; Level bard 6, sorcerer/wizard 7, leadership 7

Casting Time 1 round

Components V

Range 20 ft.

Area the caster and all allies within a 20-ft. burst, centered on caster

Duration 1 round/lvl (see text)

Saving Throw Will negates/partial (harmless), see text; Spell Resistance Yes

A favorite of dwarves, human nobles, and tribal peoples that place emphasis on lineage, this spell calls upon the caster’s illustrious, infamous, or even unremarkable heritage to bolster allies and give enemies pause. The caster spends the round reciting his or her lineage, or what he or she knows of it, granting a morale bonus equal to his or her caster level (maximum +5) to the casters allies’ attack rolls, damage rolls, saving throws, and skill checks, and inflicting an equal penalty (maximum –5) on the casters opponents’ attack rolls, damage rolls, saving throws, and skill checks. A successful Will save negates the penalty.

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Collection of Curiosities: The Highest Point in the City

"Jiro the Kobold" by Pat LoboykoSeeking the higher ground to learn more about your surroundings is something adventurers do from time to time. Of course, they might not be the first people to attempt to reach that perch. You can roll randomly for a result below, use the handy number provided with each entry to figure out your result on a d12. You can also pick the one that works for the area in which your characters currently linger.

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Mirror, Mirror, Make My Day!

Wondrous Items: Magic MirrorsThese 27 new magic mirrors by RPG Superstar Mike Welham expand the range of magic mirrors tremendously, including easily transported hand mirrors and surprising new mirrors for villains’ lairs and treasure hoards. In >Wondrous Items: Magic Mirrors you can discover the combat possibilities of themirror of blades, the relaying mirror, and the infinite mirror!

Or let your arcane flag fly with a mirror of ray trapping, the mirror of alternate realities, and a mirror of soul storing! Each of these mirrors creatures wild and wonderful effects that will shake up combat, empower new tactics, and change any encounter for the better. A little mirror magic can work wonders.

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