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Prepared!: The Haunting at Velston


Traveling along a popular trade road, the party discovers a ruined village. Abandoned long ago, Velston now contains only the restless spirits of those who died in the village’s violent end. Prepared! offers the following small scenario for low-level characters. “Ain’t nobody in these parts willing …

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Judge’s Commentary: Monarch of the Monsters 5—The Gargoctopus and the Glasscrock

There were more amazing creatures submitted to the Monarch of the Monsters fifth edition contest than made it into the Top 6—it’s a testament to the quality of the work that we couldn’t decide on only a Top 5. Though I had numerous favorites that didn’t make it to the voting round, there are t…

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Collection of Curiosities: The Street Magician’s Pouch


Colorful street magicians perform sleight of hand and even arcane tricks for the enjoyment of others. If you need to add a bit of dimension to such a character, perhaps add something unusual to the magician’s pouch, but consider giving the adventurers a quick glimpse of some of these! You can …

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Advanced Races Poll for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

As the Advanced Races Compendium Kickstarter draws closer, we’re looking to add some new races to the ones we’ve already covered for PFRPG. Some chapters of the Compendium will be all-new, some chapters will cover familiar races in new ways, and we are also fleshing out the existing Adva…

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Loaded Dice: The Magic Vampire


How to Build a Spell-Siphoning, Counterspelling Arcanist An eternal debate has raged between players who love arcane spellcasters; sorcerer or wizard? The sorcerer has more flexibility, but tends to be a lot narrower in which spells the character can cast, while the wizard knows more spells but has …

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Grand Duchy: Meet Me at Treadwell’s

Experienced travelers, including adventurers, who plan an extended stay in Hirschberg inquire: Are there any vacancies at Treadwell’s? The boardinghouse sits on the intersection facing the Street of Blades where it meets the Road to Salzbach. It’s hard to miss. The two-story, L-shaped building is pa…

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Judge’s Commentary: Monarch of the Monsters 5—Low CR Design

One of the joys of a monster design contest for me is always seeing monsters at the low end of the CR spectrum. It is much easier to design a monster at a medium-to-high power level, because you have more options: the creature can have more powers, more magical fallbacks, and elements that only a me…

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Collection of Curiosities: The Pie

Sometimes adventurers end up in places where bakers provide yummy goodness in the form of pies. But what ARE those pies? You can roll randomly for a result below, or use the handy number provided with each entry to figure out your result on a d12. You can also pick the one that works for the area in…

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Prepared!: Not-Quite-Right Magical Treasures

For every successfully enchanted sword, there are a score of sputtering failures. A ring of great power must have several nearly mundane cousins—more suited to a smelter than a wizard’s finger. Sometimes your party’s actions deserve a reward that is heavy in flavor but light in power. Today, Prepare…

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Lost Cities: Ideas for Ancient Ruins in Pulp Adventures


“But who built it? Who dwelt here? Where did they go? Why did they abandon it?” —Valeria of the Red Brotherhood, “Red Nails” Nothing stirs an adventurer’s spirit like the lure of discovery in unknown lands. And when it comes to D&D (and its successors), we’re …

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Howling Tower

A veteran of TSR and Wizards of the Coast, Steve Winter writes the Howling Tower blog and shares his thoughts on the Kobold Press blog. Always well-reasoned and thought-provoking, his work in RPGs incites discussion rather than just more edition-war rage. The kobolds bow to him with deepest respect!

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Your Whispering Homunculus

A veteran of TSR and Wizards of the Coast, Richard Pett writes adventure paths for Paizo, smaller adventures for Open Design, and delivers delightful and offbeat tales and game tables in the Whispering Homunculus series. These have proven so popular, they have been collected in the Your Whispering Homunculus book and PDF. Bizarre and whimsical and veddy veddy British, it’s gaming with dark humor and sly amusement. Check out the slithering vileness of the homunculus!

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Real Steel

As a practicing bladesmith, Todd Gdula knows what’s he’s talking about, and he will smack down nonsense like a bar of pigiron smacks down a fencepost. Only, you know, with more deadly force. His practical knowledge and gaming background combine to provide a unique perspective on the making and use of human-powered melee weapons.

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About Kobold Press

Welcome to the small tunnels and the dangerous life of the kobold! We’re always tinkering here, and there’s quite a few projects underway every week. Here’s the two most important at the moment. Check back often, because we’ll be announcing some more in the coming weeks.

Kobold Quarterly: After an amazing five-year run culminating with Kobold Quarterly 23, Kobold Press ended the magazine on a high note. (You can read the announcement on the blog.) The kobolds are now focused on designing and publishing high-quality RPG adventures, sourcebooks, campaign materials and other types of roleplaying game supplements in print and electronic formats.

Open Design: One or two projects each year are written as Open Design commissions, funded by gamers who gain input into the final adventure or sourcebook, and who learn about the steps involved in moving from idea to final publication.

Do you want to write for Kobold Press? We accept submissions for new articles. The best place to start is by checking out our Submission guidelines.

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